Help relieve neck strain and pain with the Soraya Spine Dual Traction Collar. Using a simple adjustable knob system at the side of the brace, the Soraya Spine Traction Collar can be adjusted for each individual persons needs. 


The revolutionary design of the Soraya Spine Dual Traction Collar gives users not only needed neck support but also relief of pressure on the neck. Use for those with general deck discomfort, sports injury or for better posture the Soraya Spine Dual Traction Collar’s pressure relieving action will help ease the strains of general neck pain. 


One Size Fits All Adult


SKU: CK3000B
  • Soft foam provides a gentle support for each user, the CK3000B Soraya Spine Dual Traction Collar provides the firm stability of our Manual Traction System with the ease of adjustment using air pressure technology. 


    Unlike standard traction devices, the Soraya Spine Dual Traction Collar is not attached to a stationary area with pulleys and water bags. Since the traction device is located directly on the collar, Soraya Spine Dual Traction Collar is liberates you from using over-the-door traction devices in a single location. Easy to use at the computer, at work or watching TV, use the Soraya Spine Traction Collar to help resolve your neck pain and posture any where you want.


    Those who can benefit from the Soraya Spine Dual Traction Collar include:

    • Those suffering from pinched nerves due to degenerative joints or discs


      Herniated discs

      Bulging Discs

      Cervical Spondylosis

    • Anyone suffering from arthritis in the cervical area
    • Those suffering from Muscle strain in the cervical area


    • Those with Spinal Alignment issues
    • Disc dehydration and Narrowing
    • And those with muscular atrophy


    Includes eays to use hand pump for air traction of collar and neck.

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply send it back within 14 days and we'll refund the full cost of the item minus shipping costs!


    It's that simple


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